In the modern era, the product manufacturers opt for every possible new and attractive tactic to influence more of the customers and expand their sales. In addition to utilizing all means of communication to reach their customers, the product manufacturers, and renowned brand names have opted for endorsing the celebrities as well. Right from the renowned faces of the movie world, the successful players of the sports world to the noted writers, singers, and the successful business personnel are approached as brand ambassadors by the companies in order to attract more of the attention of the buyers.

The reason behind endorsing a brand by a popular celebrity is mainly related to the emotions of the common buyers. Whether through a movie, a particular sport or through an exceptional work of art, when a person excels in his field of work, he automatically wins the heart of the common people and build a strong rapport with people although they do not connect in person with the masses or audiences. He/she turns into an idol for the general people who likes to imitate him/her as much as they can. Anything he/she does, wears, eats, or applies on their face and body, or drinks becomes the thing of interest for people and they too crave for that particular product in their day to day life. This is the one strongest reasons for assigning the celebrities with the job of product promotion.

LivestreamPro is an experienced and acclaimed service provider which has records of designing and streaming campaigns associating the celebrities. Companies looking for endorsing their products by the famous  celebrities and interested in a wider publicity of their promotions can very well aided by LivestreamPro’s advanced services.

All sorts of products like branded clothing, eye gear, footwear, edibles, beverages, household equipment, kitchen utensils, beauty products and cosmetics, automobiles, gadgets, and even the loan and debentures are being promoted through the help of the LivestreamPro engaging the celebrities.

The companies and media houses with the help of such celebrities, try to influence more of the buyers and win their heart so that the sale of the product rises. The advertisement campaigns prepared linking the celebrities are later released in the media and in online broadcasting to reach a wider mass through easiest efforts and at the fastest pace.

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A webinar is a term that is often misunderstood by people new to the online broadcasting world. It is actually a web-based seminar only, but is short in form. The seminars, lectures on specific topics or conferences, etc., when transmitted through the web to its target viewers is called as a webinar and it has a two-way data transmission. The data is transmitted between the presenter and audiences. The basic thing that differentiates a webinar service from webcasting service is that, webinars are two-way broadcasting and webcasts are one-way broadcasting.

The importance of the webinar services for the organizations dealing with different fields is vital because it lets the organization hold a presentation and at the same time engage viewers based in different parts of the country or the world. Education, economics, politics, social, sports, etc., every field can avail its services and be benefitted by it. With the advent and the inclusion of the web conferencing technologies by using VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) audio technology, webinars have been made more effective where the presenter and the viewer can trouble-freely take part in an interactive session over any topic live.

There are even such advanced webinar services these days in which the participants based in different places may be kept unaware of the presence of other participants. It can still make all take part at the same time in the same presentation. Some of the advantages of the webinar services include:

The first and most impressive advantage of possessing which webinar services are gaining more popularity in online broadcasting is the time factor. It saves a great deal of time because neither the presenter nor the viewers or the attendees will have to travel to be united at the same place for a presentation or lecture. One can be based on simply anywhere with access to the internet and avail the presentation now.

The next advantage is almost similar to the first one as it also saves money which would have occurred as travelling costs. But webinar has eliminated waste of money.

A global audience can be reached through a webinar.

So, every such reason makes webinar a perfect and mostly opted option for the organizations now.

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If you are creating a brand name of your own for any product, say for footwear, clothing range or for food products, you will have to boost up your promotional tactics. The more you promote your brand name, the more people will be acquainted with it and that denotes a better chance of selling more products in the market. But if nobody knows about your brand and has no idea as to how reliable your product will be and what quality it deals with then who would care to even look at your products! This has led to the need for brand promotion and that calls for the significance of advertisements.

Every brand, whether it is a mobile phone manufacturer like Samsung, Apple, Nokia or HTC or a sportswear range like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc., however, famous the brand name is, needs to take the help of the advertisements in order to stay in good rapport of its customers. These brands have come to the present state of popularity only through promotions and further as well they will have to keep relying on the advertisements so that the newly emerging brands do not take away the name and fame it has achieved through better promotions.

But simply thinking about promoting your brand is not enough, especially when there are cut throat competitions among the advertising houses for making the best ad for the products and also broadcasting it through the most viewed media. Though at a time the television was the superior most medium for advertising with a huge viewership, but at present the scenario is not so. The online broadcasting medium is more in demand these days as people, mostly the young and the working generation today are found more in front of their computer or with smartphones rather than in front of the TV. That is why, the brands and also the advertising houses will have to design their ads to be suitable to be broadcasted through the online medium in the form of video streaming and webcasting. A good and experienced web service provider with skills in tailor-designing the ads for disseminating through webcasting and video streaming can let one enjoy the most of the publicity.

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With the arrival of new technologies and better mediums, the tactics of business and product promotions too have undergone a huge change. Today is the era of smartphones, which has taken the mobile phone industry to a new height of popularity and success. Gone are those days of mobile phones with simple keypads and simple features. The smartphones are there to let everyone feel ahead of time simply through a little touch of the fingers on the touchscreen display. All latest apps which claim to facilitate the user in almost every walk of life have turned the smartphones into an inevitable possession for every person today. So, with these changes coming, the business promotional tactics too are a changed thing now.

The benefits of opting for product promotion or business publicity through the smartphones are all time high to make everybody think of it as a promotional alternative. Streaming of videos and webcasting into the smartphones are proving to be more fruitful as through these customers are no personally approached and that is too without any waste of time.

Some of the striking benefits of mobile streaming that has been able to all other sorts of promotional activities include-

Customers who are not present or available in front of the computers can be approached immediately by streaming video to their smartphones. A person may be busy in a thousand varieties of tasks for which he may not have enough leisure time in his hands to sit in front of the computers. For reaching such target audiences, the business houses or brands will not have to spend hours or days when it can be solved in minutes through mobile streaming.

Professionals who need to access the webcasting of important events or other information will not have to wait till they avail a computer. Everything can be accessed right in the smartphones.

Mobile streaming saves a great deal of time.

It enables the viewers to enjoy real time viewing of the video streaming in spite of being busy at anywhere.

There are even more benefits of these for availing which business houses will have to realize the importance of mobile streaming. They must approach the apt service providers for streaming and webcasting of services suiting the smartphone screens and technologies

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One of the often misunderstood concepts about video and web conferencing is that both are thought to be the same by people. But actually, they are two different processes and provide different services. Video conferencing is a two or multiple way conference in which all the sides take part at the same time, actively. It involves the process of audio and video delivery at the same time in all the points, but web conferencing is not so. In web conferencing, only one part remains active and it is the one who is broadcasting the video or the information. There can be multiple recipients of the web conferencing, but the viewer remains silent in this process and does not take active part. So, there is no ground on considering both video conferencing and web conferencing as the same thing.

It is true that the technology used in both the processes is the same, but then they are different aspects of the same technology. In both the types of conferencing, a connection is held with two or multiple points through the internet. It can be availed by anybody in the world and can be viewed universally. But in case of video conferencing, simply anybody living in any part of the world cannot avail the conference or be a part of it until and unless he is certified or is approved. It is a must for the viewers of the conference to remain active and on time. Everybody the sides can interact with each other verbally and visually. However, there is no hard and fast rule and no compulsion on the part of the viewers of web conferences and they can view the webcast at their own will. This web conferencing is also known as a webinar.

Web camera and other video equipment are used while holding a video conference for one-to-one connection and interaction which is not needed in the web  conference. The process of video conferencing requires internet with enough bandwidth and web camera at both or all the locations which will be covered during the conference. On the other hand, in web conferencing no such devices are required.

However, the most common factors about both these types of conferencing are that both of them help in reducing the travel cost and saves time. You are not required to travel and go to a place to be physically present at the conference and hence, lots of time and money gets saved. This way, although two different concepts, both video and web conferencing helps the business houses and companies in their respective ventures.

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