Videos are everywhere. The boost that the marketing business has got from videos is tremendous. Businesses are always on a lookout for creating engaging content for their existing and potential customers. The power of video when harnessed not only drives the traffic to websites but also converts the visitor into a customer. If an enterprise is missing out on the potential of video, it cannot remain ahead of its peers and competitors. The competition is stiff and in order to survive the neck to neck situation, the marketers have started using videos to grab the attention of its customers.

You can use videos in a numbers of ways to create the awareness. While creating a promotional video for your products and services, do not reveal too much, trigger the curiosity of the viewer and let him find more about you. They will be driven to your website and you will eventually end with more traffic to your website. You must think outside the box so that your videos stand out and engage the viewers. You must not shy away from availing professional services to create mind blowing and impactful content.

Webinars is the best way to be in close touch with your clients, customers and industry experts. If you engage your customers through webinars, they feel more personally connected to the brand. The brand awareness, trust and loyalty gets a considerable increase when they meet real you. If you wish to enhance the life of your webinar, you can make them available on demand. Livestreampro has years of experience in creating webinars and spreading it online. This way you can add value to your brand. Livestreaming an event or conference enhances the business in a very professional manner. It is a perfect technical tool to open your doors to potential customers who have not heard of your event earlier. The sense of urgency that a live stream creates nurtures the curiosity of a viewer and they are eventually driven to the brand. This enables you to let your business break the geographical barriers and spread its wings all across the globe.

At Livestreampro, our team of experts devise customised solutions for every client after understanding their goals. We take care of all your broadcasting needs, understands your demands and create well-defined, self-sufficient solutions. We offer our reliable and reasonable services in any corner of India. Our head office is in Delhi, but our team can work in Mumbai. Nagpur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkatta, etc.

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Whether you are running a business, or are working for somebody, or a stay at home mother or a student, keeping your updated with technology is very important. It becomes all the more important when you have to compete with someone in this fiercely competitive global economy not just to get an edge over your peers, but also to maintain a work life balance. Video conferencing is one such communication tool that can connect to any corner of the world in seconds. One can easily connect to remote teams, overseas clients and customers instantly over their smartphones, tablets and PCs. The outstanding communication technology enables you to put together meeting of people for common discussion from various locations.

Managing distributed workforce is a big challenge for any organization which can be effectively accomplished by video conferencing solutions. The growth of a business enterprise is enabled when one can collaborate and communicate better with the partners, customers and employees. You can have more engaged and productive meetings, enhanced staff retention and improved recruitment process. While the face to face communications strengthen the bond, the eliminated travel cost is a boon. As the saying goes
“Money saved is money earned”, with no included travel cost, this again is added revenue. The short meetings enable the participants to reach at a conclusion quickly. The productivity is enhanced when the staff can work from wherever they want and improving the work life flexibility. The confidentiality of the communications is maintained. When the dispersed teams communicate effectively, the productivity is also improved. The cutting edge technology not just enhances the corporate image but also builds a brand reputation and develops trust among the employees and customers. Tremendous travel cost savings, time savings, augmented collaboration, access to dispersed resources, productivity gains, stronger relationship etc. are few significant benefits of video conferencing.

Livestreampro helps small and medium sized organizations to grow with its streaming and video conferencing solutions. Our experienced technical team work continuously on solutions so that the usability can be broadened and the user experience is simplified. Our advanced audio, video and content sharing technologies make us the best in the industry. For those looking for high quality video conferencing solution with no complexities of infrastructure equipment, Livestreampro is the best solution. You can avail our powerful, affordable and easy to use solutions in any part of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, etc.

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Live streaming and broadcasting services have hit every industry and education industry is not far behind.  The storm of change that the higher education is experiencing is enormous. Every school, college or university have a video strategy these days and those who do not have lag behind their counterparts. Streaming technology has enabled the instructions to break away from the boundaries of brick and mortal schools. The traditional classroom teaching gets connected to online environment through this remarkable live streaming and webcasting technology. New ways of learning and teaching are introduced which enables inter disciplinary connections. The learning and communication process is streamlined.

The students get benefited extensively from the live streaming technology. The students in the remote areas who cannot go to the main town can now study online. The distance between a student and teacher has been bridged. The students can share ideas and inspiration with fellow students. The videos can be archived for future viewing so the shelf life of a lecture is greatly enhanced. The remote student groups and on and off campus audience get better engaged with the education system.

Not just the students, but the teachers are also opting for online classes as they can now spread their knowledge across boundaries, continents and oceans. The teachers can record their lessons and post it online for students to study. They can reach out and teach diverse audience. Teaching methods have been changed, new curriculum has been collaborated and more  and more people can be helped. Teachers can create new offerings and can extend the reach of their content through live streaming and webcasts. While the students can attend the lecture online and submit video assignments, the teachers can also share clips and create lectures and demonstrations. So both the parties are benefitted by live streaming. The shift in the education industry is positively affecting the students and the entire fraternity. The advantages of this online technology can be used to bring education to more students.  Learning is undoubtedly enhanced and at the same time, cost is also reduced.

Live streaming and webcasting is all about bringing a new perspective to classrooms and benefitting the mankind. At Livestreampro, we create customized video solutions for every institute that suits a large number of students. Our easy to use and set up solutions stream your education content over the internet. Even though our head office is in Delhi, our services can be availed in any major town of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, etc.

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Livestreaming and webcasting have impacted every existing field. Publicists have realized the importance of live streaming and have incorporated this amazing communication tool in their marketing strategies. When live videos are integrated in the publicity plans, the success of these marketing initiatives increase manifolds. By harnessing the power of live streaming, organizations have made an extra effort to reach out to new customers and improve their brand value.

In order to make events, announcements, press releases, product launches, and many such things more engaging, live streaming is the answer. The audience feels a great and personal connection to your brand as they can see a spokesperson and not just listen to the announcement and read a quote. When people connect to your campaign, you can spread brand awareness and convert them to clients. This way you can easily generate more revenue. The marketing campaign when combined with the power of video enables you to expand your customer base. Impressive lighting, good quality camera, flawless audio and high speed internet is all what you need to start on your own. However, when you add a professional touch to the entire stream, the end result is outstanding. You must plan way before in advance and practise so as to avoid last minute hassles. You can collect leads and monitor the click through so that you know clearly your next plan of action.

Whether you work in an agency or you are an owner of your own enterprise or you work as a consultant, live streaming is the solution to all your marketing needs. Digital advertising when combined with the poser of live video can make any marketing campaign reach heights. Reaching audience across multiple time zones has become easier now with live streaming. Other than that, social media integration makes an event get more eyeballs. If you are doing it for the first time, taking a chance on live video is something that you will never regret.

With livestreampro, you can seamlessly integrate live video into your marketing campaigns and you can still carry on with whatever you were doing earlier. The customized solutions made by our team of experts can take you one step ahead towards your goals. We cater to our clients located anywhere in the country. Though our head office is in New Delhi, we offer our services in any major part of the country like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh etc.

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Webcasting has benefitted the organizations in numerous ways and one of them is reaching out to the world to spread brand awareness. For companies that compete with wide range of industries, online customers are an important aspect which when tapped can generate a lot of revenue. The marketing campaigns have incorporated live streaming and webcasting as their integral part. These technical innovations have become marketing assets for the organizations.

It has proved itself not just as a technical novelty but also as a vital tool for promoting an organization’s products and services. It has strengthened the existing marketing campaigns and has given them a fresh and innovative means for passing on their message. Even the live events like a product launch or CEO’s message can be broadcasted to a wide range of audience sitting in any part of the world. Organizations have started realizing the importance of incorporating this broadcasting means into their marketing strategy and create a niche for them in this highly competitive world. Webcasting is an effective way to present company’s unique selling points and passion for its products to the customers. This way the organizations can generate new sales leads and convert them into customers generating revenue for themselves.

Webcasting ensures that the enterprise gets connected to the audience directly. This interactive way of spreading the message builds brand awareness and reputation. Interacting with the audience has become easier as now you can understand their reactions and respond to their queries. It provides a high level of interactivity which is very important to create a string customer base for any organization. The mobile phones and table devices have flooded the market and people have an ease of access to the internet. With the consumerism of technology, the expectation of the audience is also high. The webcasts are made mobile friendly so that you do not miss out on a single customer. Webcasting is a very effective way to reach the business audience especially in a scenario when there are restrictions on travel budget. Since it is highly measurable so the organizations get a proof that the customers are engaging with them.

Livestreampro has mastered the art of making professional webcasts for you to reach the audience in every corner of the globe. The expert team makes customized solutions for every client. The services can be availed in any city of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, etc.

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