Best practices for a successful live streaming video

No field is left untouched by live streaming. Every organization – big or small wants to be acknowledged and create an ever lasting impression on its clients for better growth. However, there are certain practices that one must follow to create that professional looking video with maximum impact. You can deepen the connection between yourself and your viewers with live streaming videos. To make it more successful, one must keep an eye on the technical part. With the advancement in encoding solutions and streaming technology, one can upload a video on the internet easily but in order to create an impact and get eyeballs, there are some misconceptions which amateur people streaming videos might not be able to discover.

The basic misconception is that a lower quality video source signal is enough for small video with a low bitrate output video for internet or mobiles. It will have a lot of video noise and many bits will be wasted in compressing the junk along with the video. The result is the lower quality output. Some people think that streaming at higher resolution will result in a high quality good looking video. The fact is that there is always a trade off between the choice of resolution, bit rate and the visual quality. At the same bit rate when you are streaming at a lower resolution, you might get a good quality video. All this needs a small amount of intelligence, professionalism and experience. If you still opt for high resolution, you must use higher bit rate to accommodate it.

There are many other things that one must consider for giving maximum out of their live streaming attempt. Bit rate for the viewers must not be too high as this will ruin the entire viewing experience for them. If there are too many viewers, the bandwidth must also be kept in mind. The internet connection that is used for sending a video must be separated from the general internet connection. If the connection is shared, there ought to be an unexpected performance drop as the same bandwidth is catering to various tasks. Any other internet activity will not affect the streaming video if it is on a dedicated line. These pitfalls must be avoided to attain the best end user experience as it is the end user which must be impressed and interested enough in what you are trying to showcase. Connect to the global audience and people sitting at remote locations giving a professional touch with our live streaming services.

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