High Definition Video myths busted

High Definition videos have been engulfing internet speedily. People have been overwhelmed by the amazing video quality and the ease of access. This technology has contributed a lot to professional and personal communications. This era is an exciting time in video communications industry. Replacing the standard definition videos, high definition videos are a far superior technology. It is made possible with ease of availability of IP networks, lower costs of HD displays, high quality and manageability of these videos. The greater usage and value that the high definition videos offer is unparalleled. However, there are various myths that surround this high definition technology. We try our best to bust these myths.

The most common myth surrounding high definition is that high definition videos cannot be streamed over an internal network. Most of the organizations have gigabit Ethernet network where buffer and network activity can be easily controlled. In order to break down the network segment, thousand simultaneous views are required to view a high definition video with stream rate of 1 megabit constant. Ideally, there is no such organization where 1000 people take training at the same time. So practically, the myth is no longer valid.

Another common buzz is that high definition video communication requires too much bandwidth. This is partially correct. HD videos of 720 lines at 25frames per second can be streamed a bitrate of 1Mbps with some decrement in quality of the video. A full HD video cannot be streamed at 1Mbps, but a qHD video can be streamed.

Gone are the days when big heavy expensive cameras, lights, microphones, amps and watts were required to create a video. These days a camera with teensy battery and a wireless microphone can do the same trick. So with less cost, you can get a great looking video. Though a professional looking video needs some expertise on the behalf of video developer as videos are more complex than audio. The sound and pictures have to be in place, and they must be linked together to create that mesmerizing effect. Making closer to life videos is not as easy a task as it sound. However, it is not impossible, thanks to professional services available.

In a technological world, the technology is constantly erupting. It cannot stand still. We, here at Livestreampro, offer reliable and cost effective solutions with the highest degree of skills. Though we are based in Delhi, our services can be availed in any major city throughout the country.

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