How webcasting my wedding saved me?

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I was to get married in a small church and so I could not call all my friends to my wedding. I had only about 100 invites and more than 300 guests to invite. I was stressed out completely. I wanted all my friends to be a part of my most special day. And all my friends are dear to me and so I wanted all of them to attend it. 

A few of my friends saw the stress I was going through and so they suggested that I go for wedding webcast. That way all of them would be able to see my wedding and be a part of the LIVE ceremony while it was taking place. The suggestion was exciting and I decided to go for it.

I hired LiveStreamPro, a Delhi-based company and première webcast service provider, to live stream my wedding. I gave them the list of all my virtual guests and that was it. My job was done. Rest all LiveStreampro handled brilliantly.

So on the day, all my friends were able to watch the entire wedding proceedings and all its rituals. Some of them assembled at one place to watch the wedding together. I could even talk to them, as in they sent me messages on real time and I replied to them live. It felt as if they are with me only and not sitting somewhere else. It was so much fun.

And since I was getting the webcasting done I took the opportunity to invite a few of my relatives and friends from abroad also who would have otherwise missed the wedding, all having some or the other reason… cost… office… school… and so on. But any ways, they were happy that I did not forget them and made them a part of my wedding. And I got a lot of blessings from all across the world. Lucky me.

There were a few of my friends who were not able to watch the wedding live, so for them LiveStreamPro provided a video on demand facility for viewing. They uploaded my wedding on the internet and gave me the login password, which I could share with the people who I wanted to share my wedding with. 

My wedding was a hit and each and every one of my friends go to see it. I think to get my wedding webcasted was the best decision I made and LiveStreamPro captured it brilliantly. 

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