Live streaming with adaptive bit rate

When we stream multimedia over computer networks, the technique used is adaptive bit rate. It is a technique which adjusts the quality of video stream as per the client after detecting CPU capacity and user’s bandwidth. It delivers the video at suitable bit rate after sensing the user’s internet speed.

A single source video at multiple bitrates is encoded using an encoder. Then each bit rate streams are segmented into small multi second parts. Then the
 available streams at differing bit rates are told to the streaming clients. Segments from the lowest bit rate stream are requested by the client. If download speed is higher than the bit rate of a downloaded segment, next higher bit rate segment is transmitted. Depending upon the available resources, the player client switches between streaming different encodings. The segmented size varied between 2 to 10 seconds. It offers an amazing experience for high and low end connections with a fast start time and less buffering. The network conditions are automatically adapted so while using adaptive bit rate streaming, the consumers of streaming media experience the highest quality material.

The client is in charge, the overall workflow is simplified, and better results are generated even when additional encoding is needed. Every industry is benefited from adaptive bit rate live streaming. However, media and entertainment industry has retrieved maximum profit from this unparalleled technology. The video space is growing exponentially, and customers experience highest quality video viewing experience. The bit rate and resolution of the video in real time is decreased or increased. So only the best possible quality is streamed that the available network connection can support. It means the video viewer does not have to do anything. Everything is taken care of by stream and the player. The live video content can be streamed to iOS devices like an iPad or an iPhone. The massive impact on every aspect of internet video delivery can be experienced with flawless video and no buffer.

We, here at Livestreampro, stream live video at up to 3 different bit rates for users with different types of internet connections. Our streaming servers support millions of concurrent live connections at any given point. This enables us to make any size of the live event possible. We take care of all the complexities of creating a stream and delivering the best possible experience. Our best quality services can be availed at any major city of India at reasonable price.

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