Livestreampro catches Andhra Pradesh by- elections

India is a democratic country with a fair election policy. The benefits of well run elections are increased participation by voters, usage of resources efficiently and member satisfaction. However, an unfair means of conducting the elections is still prevailing in our society in many areas. Due to various malpractices by miscreants, people have lost faith in the process and number of voters at polling booths have been reduced. In order to strengthen the democracy, we all have to fight against these electoral malpractices and election commission have been struggling for past few years to find a solution to malpractices during this time. We need to take certain steps so that the election operates smoothly. The best and the most effective remedy to curb malpractices during elections is to webcast them live over the internet for the general public to view the proceedings.

With political scenario also getting internet savvy, more and more states are opting for fair judicial process and want to stream the proceedings live on the internet. Election Commission of India has started live streaming of the selection process in various states. The voting process during the latest by-elections in June, 2012 in Andhra Pradesh was successfully captured by Livestreampro in 3300 polling booths across the state. All the Polling booth proceedings are demystified by broadcasting what is happening inside. The result was that the election turned out to be a huge success and number of voters will substantially increase in next elections.

Streaming the proceedings Live have forced the miscreants to take a back seat. People can have end to end details about the voting process and the result declaration. The voters develop a sense of trust in the election process, and the legitimacy is increased. This further increases the member participation in next elections. It is an initiative appreciated by people which let the world outside the polling booth know that the voting process is going on smoothly, fairly and in an unbiased manner.

The Election Commission of India has shown highest sense of professionalism by allowing live broadcast of the voting process and we hope that other states will follow the footsteps soon. The day is not far when you can follow the Election Day action live from the first vote to declaration of the winner.

Livestreampro offers technical streaming services across the country. Our reliable and top class services can be customized to accommodate every infrastructure. We aim at supporting successful elections and forming a cleaner, healthier and stronger democracy.

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