Multiplatform technology for online video

Online videos have become a major source of internet marketing, communication, promoting products and revenue generation. Service providers are in a bid to maximize their return from network investments. Customer relationship has become their top most priority. Live streaming and webcasting is their most utilized tool. They want to deliver a seamless experience to their customers through this technology. Communicating has become lot more easier, quick and effective. However, this technology is not as simple as it sounds. There is a strong technical aspect associated with it.

The consumer can be cocooned in service provider’s brand if the latter can deliver what the former expects. Multiplatform video distribution is one thing that all the providers are aiming at. They can add a value to their video service by making it more personalized, adding content delivery tools. They need a seamless coordination among different networks and platforms. A thorough understanding of the technology is must. The multiplatform distribution of video needs a professional planning. A mobile video can be delivered at a lower resolution than a PC or TV video. There has to be a perfect blend between cost involved and bandwidth requirement in order to deliver a perfect cost effective multi platform video. Optimum use of correct technology is a must to support this service. Incremental revenue and maximum returns from the network investments are few benefits that it offers.

Specific video compression formats and different digital rights management solutions are required for different platforms. When you have to deliver several different bitrates to different devices, the variables and complexities associated with it increases. Proper management of these variables is must to deliver a seamless experience. The quality levels and bit rates are dynamically organized. A powerful and flexible content management system is mandatory. The service provider has to overcome all these technological challenges. The cost benefit analysis has to be done before deciding on any platform or technology involved. This cost effective approach optimize the video for each end point. The trend is fast catching up and it will be an important business requirement in next few years. The business economics for multi point video communications have changed drastically with the advent of this technology and is striving to grow leaps.

We, at Livestreampro are dedicated to bring our best to you. Our reliable services enable you to deliver customized videos, save resources and generate revenue. We identify the capability of end point device and dynamically optimize the video accordingly.

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