Photobooks – new profitable business opportunity

A business opportunity oozing profit is round the block and that is Photobooks. It is growing at an alarming rate and will grow at a much steeper rate in coming future. One can create their own personalised photo albums which have a permanent memory of events, places and people.

Producing a photobook is highly profitable, thanks to fully automated system. In digital transient age, people have realized the importance of photobooks and they want to capture the moment and cherish it forever. For that, they are ready to pay even high price, giving high and healthy profit margin to printers. The new revenue stream has engulfed many printers and they have shifted their entire business into photobooks.

In case of retail scenario, the customer uses kiosk in the shop and the photobook is made instantly buy the shop owner. In this retail version of the business, there is no need of a printer. In custom produced photobooks, the customer selects the pictures and the photobook style. The printer then comes into picture that creates the entire photobook and delivers it back to the customer. In an online solution, the customer can logon to the internet, select the images and photobook style and place an order sitting on his couch.

Photobook market is a consumer market. If you want to enter it, you must know how to reach and communicate with your client. A print company can use its existing databsse of clients as their prospective customers for photobooks. The essence of this business is to market the service. The accurate colour photo reproduction is the main motive of a perfect photobook. Print hubs have more finishing capability and thus a wide range of finished products. These print hubs can be very useful for a retailer.

If you want to explore a photobook market, you need to have a high level digital print facility and a good software solution. Needless to say hard case covers need high quality finishing line. The finishing equipments include creases and folders, guillotines, UV coaters and hard case manufacturing lines. There are two types of software solutions available – online and downloadable solutions.  The easy to run software are highly automated making it more profitable. The objectives are defined closely with the customer and the best solution is delivered to the customer. The photobooks can be case bound, coil or wire bound, perfect bound or saddle stitched.

So, we have studies the photobook business in detail and we can say that Photobook market is perfect for small printers who are ready to operate 24 hours a day and can maintain a relationship with retailers. The most promising market is waiting.

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