The Techno Change – 360 Degree Live Videos!

The virtual world is undergoing a sea change with the  fast progress in the present day technology. It is no surprise that this has lead to numerous virtual reality videos. A lot of companies have invested in the virtual reality medium, resulting in the introduction of a variety of new software, headsets and high end devices. The Virtual reality videos are viewed in more than one venue and platform, by the VR enthusiasts from open to close. It is a grand moment for virtual reality as an ascendant media platform; one that is nearing the zenith in marketing industry.

Virtual Reality – the Basic Facts
What is virtual reality? Well, it is presenting something that is so immersive and so interactive that the viewer feels like he is a part of the frame. Every minute detail is captured by way of numerous cameras, in a coordinated cohesive manner. The zoom in feature of the live streaming video, aids in the enhancement of visual media. With the emergence of divergent trends, a lot of platforms are available for an online broadcaster to put forth his product or his talent in front of the audience.

The 360 degree video makers are aware of this divergence and they work to generate  many videos according to the client’s interest. A team of specialists is involved in developing your 360 Live VR content and they provide services even after the production is over. The editing of such videos is really crucial as care has to be taken of each shot captured by a multitude of cameras and sometimes, by drones too. This medium is used for high end viewing in similar smart phones or Oculus Rifts or headgears, therefore, the frames have to be edited carefully to check for overlapping between the seams. Any overlapping needs to be taken care of, else the viewer will get nauseous and will result in disconnect between the viewer and the video.

The equipment that is used by the 360 VR producers is state of the art and cutting edge, which includes wide angle shots, zoom features, usage of Giga pixel, drones etc. 360 degree live video streaming is a fixed perspective which has the ability to look around in all directions and in all angles by the viewer. This is the standard for Google Cardboard, Maps and Samsung Headgear and mostly of the New York Times VR, for instance.

Purposes and Scope

  • Game engines are the most preferred platform for 360 VR Live. However , there are broader uses to this medium and the 360 degree live video streaming can be used for broadcasting event shows pertaining to corporate bigwigs , fashion shows, business conferences to be broadcasted to the shareholders and other stakeholders of the companies, webcasting etc.
  • The immersive video is as close to reality and perfection as possible. This is why virtual reality medium has become extremely popular even in the music and entertainment industry where the music videos and television shows can be downloaded in such video format and reach the audience effectively.
  • Virtual tours and landscape documentaries and social messages can also be circulated by means of the 360 degree live streaming, provided you have a good bandwidth for the process.
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