The Virtual Reality Guide and the Types of Videos Created

What is 360Live VR? Virtual reality is the three dimensional computerized  representation of an environment or an image which can be visited or connected by many users for creating various avatars of themselves and immerse individually in that environment .The visitors get a chance to explore and interact with the virtual world. They can participate in its actions and connect with others.  The different representations or live videos  deal with similar features of an environment or an event.   The multiple users and players can enjoy the interesting facts that exist in nature or the  real world. The user can view the video according to his convenience, by zooming or changing the angle,  and thus experience a degree of involvement and fascination.
360 degree video makers can turn the difference between virtual reality and a real world through the live streaming videos. These videos are very comprehensive and extremely visually oriented. Sound effects, camera angles and zoom in features enable the viewer to have an immersive and panoramic feel .The three dimensional worlds has given way to virtual reality which in turn has embraced the 360 live VR.

Online Broadcasting and the various videos available

Online broadcasting is not just about 360degree videos or the three dimensional use of camera placements, it has a much broader scope. The 360 video makers have harnessed the vast potential of the emergent medium and the many videos on social networking sites deals with gaming videos or videos by music artists. However, there are other videos that make their presence  in the wider virtual world. Let’s have a look at the different types of videos available in the industry:

  • Music videos that conform to the 360 degree live video streaming.  This can either be achieved in a paid medium or a free hosting channel with the channel branding on the video. This successfully creates an impact in exchange of some free bandwidth.
  • Virtual tours that are used by many corporate and travel agencies, hotels to provide information on their services and hospitality. These are also used for navigational purposes and travel plans.
  • Event shows and product campaigns by multinational companies that are on the lookout for an effective medium to get their products and services accords to an ambient audience at the click of a button. This mode is highly interactive and its easy for such corporates to get surveys and market research in an easy and effective manner.
  • Webcasting and web forums, meetings, video conferencing facilities.
  • Landscape shootings, adventure shootings, Live 360 VR showing photography and terrains at their best.

The videos are made with an intension as per the client’s requirements. The 360 VR producers are well aware of all these shootings and the use of sophisticated cameras, drones and tripods. These 360 videos are meant for high end virtual headsets such as the Samsung Headgear or the Oculus Rift or mounted display units that add to the sound effects. These videos also have a built in zoom in feature for added entertainment.

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