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Web technology has entered almost every field known to human being and education is not far behind. In fact, the universities and schools are striving hard to incorporate web technology in their teaching mechanism and enhance teaching effectiveness. Across all the disciplines, teaching and learning are strongly impacted by bulletin boards, discussion groups, e-mails and web pages. The tradition classroom based learning has given its way to e-learning. Many people are opting for distance learning courses.

Internet has seen a boom in the last decade. Since it is easily accessible all over the world now, computer based programs effectively deliver teaching and learning material. Not only the students are benefitted by this great communication tool but it acts as a boon for the teachers as well. Many working professionals were facing time crisis as they were not able to devote specific time to classroom and their jobs at the same time. But now with this amazing technology, they have opted for distance learning and can manage the studies and job perfectly well. Other than distance learning, web based learning and online learning are other aspects of live streaming in education.

The benefits of webcasting are vast. The learning materials are easily updated and there is no time and place constraint. Students can review the lecture anytime as the classes can be taped. They can study at whatever time they feel comfortable with. While the file is being downloaded at the computer, they can listen to the audio and watch the video at the same time. If they happen to miss a lecture, they can repeat it over the internet. Learner and teacher interaction has attained a different dimension. Student’s improvement is augmented as their performance is continuously checked. Learning communities are a boon for students where they can discuss the problems they face. The guest speaker can make the appearance over the webcasting.

The lectures can be streamed to remotest of locations, all that the student need is an internet connection. Students can get international degrees studying from home and can create an impact in the professional world. High quality full screen digital video streaming makes learning an exciting experience. The students can learn better and retain it for long.

Impact of web technology is hard and more successful in higher education when compared with traditional class room based face to face learning. Learning has become much simpler, thanks to audio, graphics, text, video and animation. So with this innovative learning content, unleash your institute and benefit the mankind.

Livestreampro offers webcasting services in the education sector to assist the educational institutions in achieving their aims of spreading quality education to the masses.

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