What are webinars and what purpose it serves?

A webinar is a term that is often misunderstood by people new to the online broadcasting world. It is actually a web-based seminar only, but is short in form. The seminars, lectures on specific topics or conferences, etc., when transmitted through the web to its target viewers is called as a webinar and it has a two-way data transmission. The data is transmitted between the presenter and audiences. The basic thing that differentiates a webinar service from webcasting service is that, webinars are two-way broadcasting and webcasts are one-way broadcasting.

The importance of the webinar services for the organizations dealing with different fields is vital because it lets the organization hold a presentation and at the same time engage viewers based in different parts of the country or the world. Education, economics, politics, social, sports, etc., every field can avail its services and be benefitted by it. With the advent and the inclusion of the web conferencing technologies by using VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) audio technology, webinars have been made more effective where the presenter and the viewer can trouble-freely take part in an interactive session over any topic live.

There are even such advanced webinar services these days in which the participants based in different places may be kept unaware of the presence of other participants. It can still make all take part at the same time in the same presentation. Some of the advantages of the webinar services include:

The first and most impressive advantage of possessing which webinar services are gaining more popularity in online broadcasting is the time factor. It saves a great deal of time because neither the presenter nor the viewers or the attendees will have to travel to be united at the same place for a presentation or lecture. One can be based on simply anywhere with access to the internet and avail the presentation now.

The next advantage is almost similar to the first one as it also saves money which would have occurred as travelling costs. But webinar has eliminated waste of money.

A global audience can be reached through a webinar.

So, every such reason makes webinar a perfect and mostly opted option for the organizations now.

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