What is 360 Degree Live streaming and how this works

360 Degree Live Streaming provides a unique experience to the person viewing the video. This gives a live experience of an event, a game, a musical concert, product launch, a conference, etc. You can experience each moment of these events as if you are a part of it. You get a chance to interact with the activities happening in a concert or a game and enjoy to a great extent with the comforts of your home or any place you are in. This is a perfect solution for marketing purposes and  many businesses, both big and small adopt this method for the same. The user of 360 Degree Live Streaming is able to have a 360 Degree view of the products or services with the help of the mouse. These 360 VR Live are recorded with the help of multiple lenses and then stitched in a seamless manner. The 360 VR Producers mix other services programming hot spots which are multifunctional and add imaginary information which is computer generated. This is beneficial in marketing. These videos are played in specially developed players or devices.

Opting for 360 Degree Cameras
With the 360 Cameras available with different features, multiple users can make use of the live streaming videos for their own facilities. Opting for Fisheye Camera, assures you of a 360 Degree view from only one lens and this can also give the users the facility of digitally panning, zooming in live or even tilting and storing video.

Coverage being Comprehensive
360 Degree live streaming work perfectly with the 360 Cameras, as these offer the field of view in the widest form eliminating blind-spots. These are ideal for casinos, parking lots, infrastructure sites which are termed’ critical’, municipal parks and a lot more.

Savings on the Cost
Fewer infrastructures and cameras are required for monitoring a given area due to wide field-of-view. With the requirement of fewer cameras, the up-front cost is brought down and also low maintenance cost for the entire process. Besides which, hemispheric cameras ensure the minimal requirement of the network bandwidth and hence the frame rates are on the lower side during no activity or low activity periods.

Moving Parts
360 Degrees cameras offer more benefits as compared to pan-tilt-zoom mechanical cameras, which make these a better option for specific installations. As these do not have any moving parts, they are able to avoid the lagging as the PTZ devices. Additionally, these cameras last longer, making this a wise investment.

Flexibility Improved
360 degrees offer more flexibility for operational purposes. They enable to record and view any scene live in comparison to PTZ cameras, which focus only on one area and miss out the rest. With the above benefits, the security surveillance use this camera as compared to others. These are also beneficial in other fields like real estate, marketing of businesses and different industries and also for recording social events like weddings and funerals. 360 Live VR is the modern aspect of technology which is a boon to the marketing industry and for security surveillance.

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