Why choose a Professional Webcaster for Webcasting

It was the occasion of my daughter’s first birthday and we had planned a huge party for our family and friends. All relatives from my home town as well as my wife’s hometown came to Mumbai to attend the function.

My real elder brother and his family, who stay in the US could not make it for the function. But I really wanted their blessings for my daughter so I decided that we will webcast the event for them.

I read many websites for self webcasting. The technology sounded easy and self manageable. So I decided to do it myself, and save on some money as well. I got everything installed and as the day of the event approached, I became more and more confident that I will be able to do it. I even tested the connection and tried the software once before the event, everything worked fine.

On the evening of my daughter’s birthday function, I was all geared up. And there on the other side of the globe, my brother, sister-in-law and their two kids were in front of the computer screen to watch the event. Well, initially everything went fine, till the guests started coming.

Now, since I had my friends and colleagues, I had to entertain them as well, so I could not focus on the camera much. I started receiving calls from my brother that the stream was frequently broken and the quality of sound was also not at par. Also I did not realize the significance of prior camera positions, and so the main places where the camera should have focused went unattended.

All in all I completely screwed up the entire event. At one end I got a big scolding from my brother, and on the other, I had hoped that the captured video will act as a video of my daughter’s first birthday, but as that did not happen, my wife also got upset with me. I felt really terrible after that. Just to save myself the hassle of finding a good webcasting company, I ended up spoiling the party – my daughter’s first birthday where she look like a sweet little angel.

I don’t know what caused this but I definitely understood one thing, it is better to hire a professional webcaster instead of doing something yourself that is not your forte. A good webcasting company who knows their job and will provide you with memories that you can keep and cherish for life.

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