Webcasting the new smart and efficient way to communicate today. Businesses are using it to expand and communicate globally.

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Personal/ Social Events

Mobile Streaming

Smart phones sales have steeply increased, and it will surely not slow down anytime soon. So it becomes important for an online broadcaster to reach out every potential customer on every possible device. Mobile streaming is an effective way to expand your business reach

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Video Conferencing and web conferencing are used interchangeably by most of us. However, the fact is that they both are different aspects of the same technology.

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360 Live

A 360 Degree VR is anytime more effective as compared to any other marketing tool. This can help the client experience the environment in a way so that he/she feels present there.

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Personal/ Social Events

Personal/ Social Events

Share your best memories with your faraway family and friends by planning a webcast with LiveStreamPro for all the special occasions you celebrate and get their blessings.

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Live Webcasting

Webcasting is an English term that comes from the root word "webcast" which is an amalgamation

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Webinar is short for Web-based seminar. It is basically a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar

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Live Presentations

Live Presentations is a web-enabled presentation where the presenter as well as his presentation

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Uttar Pradesh Elections Counting Process

LiveStreamPro live streams Uttar Pradesh Votes Counting Process

LiveStreamPro achieves yet another milestone by successfully live webcasting the counting of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

LiveStreamPro provided the end to end support for webcasting the live proceedings of counting of the Uttar Pradesh held in July 2012. This is for the first time live webcasting has been done extensively in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election and LiveStreamPro was responsible for successfully streaming almost 168 Counting stations ‘Live on Internet’.

Kudos to Election Commission on another successfully accomplished initiative…

Live Webcasting means broadcasting an event live over the internet or the world-wide-web through the use of the streaming technology. Live streaming enables officials and people in charge take a detailed look at the on-going proceeding live through the internet, even the public could see the elections and see the fairness and freeness with which the counting process was taking place.

Web Casting elections has definitely helped Election Commission in resting the fear among people which had seeped in in the past few years with the news of booth capturing and disturbances during elections – be it casting votes in elections or counting the votes casted during the elections.

LiveStreamPro has state-of-the-art web applications which it develops to provide reliable streaming solutions. LiveStreamPro, a leader in providing webcast solutions nation-wide, created simultaneous live streams and hosted them on its own server, enabling the election officers as well as general public to view it live over the internet.

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Video Production

Videos or moving images with sound are the most powerful tools today to visibly communicate

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We believe in capturing every single shot creatively to enhance the memories of any occasion

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Photo books

360 Live Streaming

The experience of watching a 360-degree video is altogether different and it engages and immerses the viewer completely.

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