Webcasting in Business - A Universal Communication Medium


The use of webcasting within the business and the corporate world has seen new heights in the recent years. Webcasting provides endless advantages to corporate functioning and corporate communications. According to a recent market research, the Fortune 2000 companies around the world make use of this new age online communication mode day in and day out.

Webcasting is the new smart way to communicate. It has become a very essential tool for businesses in order to reach their customer base spread across the globe in most cost-effective manner. Today, when there is a lot of competition, and there is a need of instant decision making in limited time, meetings over the internet saves crucial travel time and helps in quick decision making.

LiveStreamPro (LSP) is equipped with the latest and the best webcast technology that can be used for Management updates, training sessions on products and services, marketing and product launch, events, internal communication, conferences, and seminars, press conferences and e-learning. Some of the situations in the corporate paradigm where LiveStreamPro webcasting solutions can come in handy are:

  • Trainings: LSP provides webcasting solutions that can be used for employee e-learning and sales training.Webcasting makes in-person training possible within the corporate setting with the use of archived training sessions available ‘anywhere anytime’ as well as online live training sessions.
  • Marketing & Publicity: Promotional events, brand endorsement, product launches, fashion shows and such other important events can be featured through webcasting. Webcasting makes the entire task of marketing a lot easier within the corporate dimensions, as it can help you build awareness, educate customers, and market products or services, etc. Webcasting can in fact be used to make the online presentation of quarterly or annual sales reports to important stakeholders, like board members and directors who may be in different parts of the world.
  • Sales Support: Webcasting allows sales managers to create and improve sales training programs that fasten the readiness of the new sales recruits, thus leading to improved productivity of the sales team.  It provides the necessary back up whenever required. Webcasting lends a helping hand when arranging sales presentations or managing sales demonstrations via CD ROM. LSP can help you with all this and much more.
  • Technical and Production Support: LSP can help livestream all kinds of webcast programs just in a matter of seconds on the least available notice. Moreover, no matter in which time zone the event is taking place, webcasting can be effectively used to help broadcast it over the internet. LSP can custom designed the support set any time to suit your preferences.
  • Corporate Communications: Webcasting plays a major role in both internal and external communication of an organization. Whether the CEO wants to address his employees or a presentation on marketing strategy needs to be made to board members or may be any seminar or conference or press conference needs to be webcasted, LSP can do it all in the most cost effective. The larger or the more geographically distant the audience the more cost is saved.

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Benefits of Webcasting

  • Reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime over the internet or intranet.
  • Increases reach from few hundreds to many thousands, even more.
  • Effective, quick and powerful communication medium.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Message to the recipient is virtually same as in personal contact.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • On demand video can be made available for 24/ 7 viewing.
  • Increases the life of the event.
  • Customized and interactive options available.
  • Interference-free, clear communication.

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