Wedding Webcast - Broadcast your wedding over the Internet


Did you dream of an elaborate wedding ... a beautiful place with all your family and friends around you
... and have them celebrate your most special day with you!!!

We all want this and have always dreamt of our wedding day as that one day where we are the stars of the evening. We all want this day to be perfect to be perfect like some fairy tale... and we all want to play the lead role in this LIVE fairy tale ... with all your near and dear ones around you to share the day with you. Your best friend to be there to hold your hand and your favourite aunt to be there with a teasing look in her eyes.

But as it happens, the world around us does not work the way we want it to. May be your best friend or your favourite aunt or uncle is staying abroad or some faraway place and cannot come for your the wedding... the reasons can be many – no leaves from work, prior commitments, schools, no bookings available and so on. How would that make you feel? Surely you would be disheartened... because you would want them to be around you.

If it were olden times, they would have missed your wedding completely. But with webcasting your wedding, you can make them attend your live wedding virtually over the internet... And send their blessings too.

What is Wedding Webcasting and how to webcast a wedding?

Wedding Webcast is done to broadcast your wedding live over the internet through the use of live streaming services so that anyone  sitting anywhere in the world can watch it digitally.  So webcasting your wedding will enable your family and friends to see live videos of all the ceremonies of your wedding and offer their blessings and good wishes too.

LiveStreamPro a webcast service provider based in Delhi & Mumbai, India is well equipped with an excellent state-of-the-art technology with complete webcasting solutions for live streaming a wedding of any magnitude. Through the webcasting services of our company, your friends can send their blessings and wishes on real time to which you can respond LIVE.

We also provide you the facility of archiving your videos for later viewing, as per convenience. We will provide you with a login password which you can share with your friends too.

LiveStreamPro is one of India’s leading professional webcast service providers and has experienced videographers and photographers, who will ensure excellent coverage of your wedding. We take care of those small little things for you, to make this day special for you, so that you can cherish it for life

LiveStreamPro can webcast your other special events like birthday parties, anniversaries, high-profile parties and others, for you. You can have live videos of all your special occasions webcasted and share your happiness with your friends worldwide.

Hire LiveStreamPro today to get the services of one of India’s most experienced and oldest webcast service providers. Write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Benefits of Webcasting

  • Reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime over the internet or intranet.
  • Increases reach from few hundreds to many thousands, even more.
  • Effective, quick and powerful communication medium.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Message to the recipient is virtually same as in personal contact.
  • Saves time and cost.
  • On demand video can be made available for 24/ 7 viewing.
  • Increases the life of the event.
  • Customized and interactive options available.
  • Interference-free, clear communication.

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Why Choose LiveStreamPro?

  • Complete webcasting & live streaming solutions
  • International standards
  • Professionalism in approach
  • Custom-made webcasting solutions
  • Prompt and timely customer services
  • Excellent knowledge-base
  • World class technical know-how
  • Cost effective solutions