360 Video Shoot

Technology seems to be taking a new turn with the 360 Video makers being able to provide Live 360 VR services and also recorded 360 VR Services. Besides marketing your products and services recorded 360 VR Services can also help one re-live special occasions like wedding or any other such event.

With the professionals working for us, you can not only market your services but also record any other events. With recorded 360 VR services offered by our company you can reach new heights that you never thought of. Let us look at some of the possibilities of recorded 360 VR Services.

360 Degrees VR Real Estate Videos

We help those customers dealing in Real Estate and are most of the time in a fix as to how to show the properties to their prospective clients without having to face any hassles. A 360 VR offline shoot can easily present a total view of the said property to the client without you having to take the trouble of taking clients for site visits. This is great saving on time and also finances. It is not advisable to describe your property on the phone as it is not able to give the total description and information required by a client. A recorded 360 VR will be able to give the viewer a perfect feel of the property.

360 Degrees VR for Show Business

It is difficult to express the excitement felt during a music concert or any such social event. Concert organizers can do a 360 degree video recording so that fans who are not attending the event can experience the same excitement as if they are attending the concert live. Live 360 degree coverage can also be done. This way people can enjoy their favorite band performing live in full fervor. With the right 360 VR producers, you can experience that high over and over again.

360 Degrees VR for Education

With 360 Degrees VR, the possibilities are endless where education is concerned. You can have a golf instructor standing and trying to educate you on each shot you need to play or you can have the world famous physicians explaining the different theories in a practical manner which can help you understand better and also get a grasp on it.

360 Degrees VR for Weddings

Weddings are one of the most important event in a person’s life and having a 360 VR recording of this can help you relive those special moments even after years. Besides being able to relive these moments you can view the scene from different angles, which will give you an altogether different pleasure whenever you watch it. You can also share the same with friends and families especially those who missed the ceremony.

We provide 360 Degrees live streaming and offline videos services with the help of our experienced 360 degree video makers, who make use of the latest technology and ensure your requirements are met with diligence.

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