At LiveStreamPro, we believe in capturing every single shot creatively to enhance the memories of any occasion. The raw emotions and feelings displayed by people during any event are documented in a remarkable manner, making it a memento where one finds it hard to forget.

We ensure that all our photos are beautifully taken and choreographed to tell the story until years after. Our services further of photo book creations are very well known and the captured events are files in the order that tell a story of their own. Photographs have a different use all together. Photographs are used at many places like year books, brochures, websites, news clippings, and other promotional materials and photographs are even used to inform the progress of the programs to the stakeholders and partners

Our services cover a wide range of occasions, like award presentations or program progress or a grand wedding reception or a simple birthday party, or simply to capture the happiness that comes while welcoming newborn baby into the world. So, whether it be a professional events like award ceremonies or product launches or a personal event like a wedding or a baby shower, LiveStreamPro professionals capture just the right photographs that help you secure the memories of your events.

Our team strives to look for ways to improve photography skills while learning new styles and techniques, to create unforgettable journal of for our clients.

To engage LiveStreamPro in capturing and documenting your special occasions, please click here.

Applications of Webcasting


  • Webinars
  • Live Presentations
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Professional Development
  • Training Tutorials
  • Strategy Updates
  • Addressing Staff
  • Corporate Announcements
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Product Demos
  • Advertisements
  • Promotional Videos
  • Road Shows


  • Live Online Lectures
  • On-demand Recorded Lectures
  • E-learning Modules
  • Online Tuitions
  • Vocational Training
  • Hobby Courses and Workshops



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